US State Laws and Regulations on Car Safety

In the United States, the agency with direct responsibility on promoting car safety is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) which is part of the Department of Transportation (DOT). Because it is an arm of the Executive Branch, the NHTSA implements systems or rules on vehicle safety aimed at saving lives, preventing injuries and reducing car crashes.

To effectively carry out NHTSA mission, various states have laws and regulations on car safety. From the different states or regions, an organization was also formed with members coming from 10 NHTSA regions. This is the Governors’ Highway Safety Association or GHSA.

The following are among the most important state laws and regulations on car safety:

  • Child passenger safety law
  • Safety seat law or child restraint law
  • Aggressive driving and speeding
  • Alcohol and impaired driving
  • Cellphones and texting
  • Teenage driving
  • Winter driving

Know what laws each state strictly implements for highway safety in order to save lives and to avoid getting penalized.

Below is a link to each state highway safety office for quick reference:

Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs
Alaska Highway Safety Office
American Samoa Department of Public Safety
Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety
Arkansas Highway Safety Office
California Office of Traffic Safety
Colorado Office of Transportation Safety
Connecticut Office of Highway Safety
Delaware Office of Highway Safety
District of Columbia Highway Safety Office
Florida State Safety Office
Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety
Guam Office of Highway Safety
Hawaii Department of Transportation
Idaho Office of Highway Safety
Illinois Division of Traffic Safety
Indiana Traffic Safety Division
Iowa Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau
Kansas Department of Transportation
Kentucky Office of Highway Safety
Louisiana Highway Safety Commission
Maine Bureau of Highway Safety
Maryland Highway Safety Office
Massachusetts Highway Safety Division
Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning
Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety
Mississippi Office of Highway Safety
Missouri Traffic and Highway Safety Division
Montana State Highway Traffic Safety Office
Nebraska Office of Highway Safety
Nevada Office of Traffic Safety
New Hampshire Highway Safety Agency
New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety
New Mexico Traffic Safety Bureau
New York Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee
North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program
North Dakota Department of Transportation
Northern Mariana Islands Highway Safety Program
Ohio Traffic Safety Office
Oklahoma Highway Safety Office
Oregon Transportation Safety Division
Pennsylvania Bureau of Maintenance and Operations
Puerto Rico Traffic Safety Commission
Rhode Island Office of Highway Safety
South Carolina Office of Highway Safety and Justice Programs
South Dakota Office of Highway Safety
Tennessee Governor’s Highway Safety Office
Texas Traffic Safety Section
Utah Highway Safety Office
Vermont Governor’s Highway Safety Program
Virgin Islands Office of Highway Safety (Nonmember)
Virginia Highway Safety Office
Washington Traffic Safety Commission
West Virginia Governor’s Highway Safety Program
Wisconsin Bureau of Transportation Safety
Wyoming Highway Safety Program

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