Smart Electric Drive Crash Test Rating

Have you ever wanted a safe car that is unique in style with electric source of power and most of all affordable? Good news! Smart introduces smart automobile also known as “Smart Car” in 1994. Smart micro-cars are widely knows globally specially in Europe.

In the 2013 crash test drive of Smart Electric Drive ForTwo got an All-Four Star Rating from the NHTSA!

Experts say the car has good spacious in-cabin and a handling system also with the acceleration. In terms of the luggage spacing, though it was too little for standard and its steering seems to be dead in consideration.

Experts were amazed with the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive in line with its acceleration upon stoppage and sudden speed up. It’s build up with electric motor or more specifically the stored litium-ion battery enabling the car to run. Although at the time of test drive the experts did not mention how much energy a Smart ForTwo Electric Drive can store. In addition, considering its size, it runs approximately about 65 miles to 68 miles with 122/93 mpg-e in city or highways. However, according to data gathered, the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive picks up several bumps in the road because of its poor steering despite the fact of its small size that makes it easy to park. Also, what makes the said car is that it can charge upon usage like any other electric car.

When talking about the interior of Smart ForTwo Electric Drive, it has two seat belts for the passenger to move freely . It also contain Universal Serial Bus(usb) port and stereos, and with installable navigation system. Experts did not elaborate how easy to use this features. What makes the experts really sad is that the materials used in production of Smart ForTwo Electric Drive was cheap though it looks upscale car and is expensive.

Forbes says that this car is much attractive in terms of price considering the electric vehicle standard price but the main drawback of Smart ForTwo Electric Drive is costlier in fact than four-door vehicles. Well according to “Autoweeks”, the Smart hits the bullseye because of its cheap price making the customer to give an option whether to buy gas or electric engines.

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