Adjustable Steering Column

Adjustable steering column lets the driver adjust the height of the wheel and its distance from the driver according to his comfort or preference for driving. This allows any driver to fit into the driver’s seat no matter how big or small he is.

The steering wheel can adopt to the height or size of the driver. Even if you have big tummy, you can still adjust the distance of the steering wheel far from you. It also applies whether you are tall or small. You can still adjust the height of the steering wheel for your viewing preference.

Factors of a good steering system

Steering system is the vital key interface between the driver and the vehicle.

One of the important factors of the adjustable steering wheel is that the wheel should be precise. Look into other factors such as:

  • It must be light and compact and smooth to turn.
  • It must also provide with a perfect feel of the road surface (from the drivers point of view) and help him turn the wheel in the straight-ahead position easily and steadily with no hassle.

The steering system design

The wheel’s steering column is a mechanical housing that surrounds a steering shaft. A steering shaft by the way is a component part of the steering system that transmits steering torque from the steering wheel to the steering gear.

The current structure of the steering wheel is skewed to move a jacket tube using a linking mechanism so that the steering wheel is positioned in front of a driver’s seat in an upright direction.

The structural designs of the steering columns are usually standardized in which it can be installed in a different type of vehicle. The main purpose of this is to perfectly alter steering movements through the lifetime of the car, and mainly protect the driver anytime in case of an car crash.

In terms of structural design, the steering column has to be stable and light, but also readily collapsible so that it minimizes the risk of injury in the event of a crash.

The designs of the car now are based on the safety and comfort of the driver and passengers. That is the reason why they replaced fixed steering columns by mechanically or electrically adjustable steering columns. Thus it is relatively seldom nowadays to find fixed or non-adjustable steering wheel.

Very few manufacturers are still producing fixed steering wheel because of the less demand and less effectiveness of the design. So instead of fixed steering wheel why not go for adjustable steering wheel? It is most effective and reliable design especially in terms of car safety.

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