DUI: The Most Dangerous Misdemeanor Offense

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is considered the most dangerous misdemeanor offense a driver can commit. The fact that it is a dangerous misdemeanor makes the offender liable to harsh penalties. However, if a person is charged with drunk driving, he or she may still avoid a number of unwanted consequences by getting the charges reduced to a dry reckless offense, a moving violation applicable to a person who aggressively disregards the safety of other motorists.

There is always a big chance that the prosecutor may refuse to negotiate for a plea bargain and this depends largely on the circumstances of your arrest. That is why there is only a small chance that your DUI charge may be reduced to a dry reckless offense. The slim chances that a driver qualifies for a lesser sentence are his or her blood alcohol content is only a little bit greater than the 0.08 percent limit or the prosecution has very little evidence to justify the charge.

All circumstances of greater level than those two mentioned translates into more stringent sentencing guidelines.

The state of Florida has established harsh penalties for those convicted of DUI. A driver apprehended by a Florida law enforcement officer and suspected of DUI of alcohol must submit himself or herself to breath, urine and blood exams. If the suspect refuse to follow then his or her driver license will be suspended for one year.

A second refusal to comply translates to an 18 month suspension and a misdemeanor charge. The police will be forced to extract blood from the suspect if the vehicular accident involves a serious injury and death.

Other consequences that driver apprehended of DUI must face is the impounding of the suspect’s vehicle after he or she has been arrested and charged with DUI. The suspect is allowed to talk to an attorney and will not be released until he complies with some requirements : no longer being under the influence, no longer impaired, your BAC is less than 0.05 and about eight hours has elapsed from the time of your arrest.

A person is convicted of DUI based on the circumstances of the case, the judge and past history.

A fourth offense for DUI is very harsh and requires the convict to pay not less than 2000 USD with up to 5 years of imprisonment and vehicle impounding for 90 days.

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