Spring Driving Tips

Spring driving tips are very important when traveling during the wet driving conditions in April and May. After winter, millions of Americans begin traveling again for holiday road travel as well as for long weekend trips.

Some important spring driving tips are suggested by the Rubber Manufacturers Association. Be sure to check the following before going on a long trip:


Have a thorough checking of vehicle tires including spare tire for once each month as well as before going for a long ride. Tire pressures should be checked at least once a month or before departure for a long trip. A correct inflation pressure for the tire is always specified by tire manufacturer most probably at vehicle door edge, fuel door or glove box door and always in the owner’s car manual.


An assurance of having reliable brakes is good but it is only one of the many concerns a driver should have before making a long trip.

Wet roads during wet weather months can be a challenge for drivers especially when stopping or braking. Just remember to drive slowly so as not the lengthen the distance of stopping after braking such as when driving too fast on wet roads. Driving slowly is also one of the best spring driving tips since it can help and lessen damage of the car after hitting potholes in the road.

Sudden braking is not always a good idea of missing a pothole. Braking during impact with pothole could result in a solid hit by the wheel assembly against the pothole edge. A less damage may also be generated when a tire skids over the pothole after braking when avoiding the pothole. Hitting a pothole can also have an impact on the vehicle’s tires such as internal tire damage which may not be noticed until after weeks or months when your tires just suddenly fail. Driving slowly will give you better chances of avoiding the potholes.


The spring months are also the time when hailstorms occur. Driving on road where hailstorms usually occur such as in Kansas, Wyoming, Missouri and Colorado can lead to shattered windshields since hailstorms may be accompanied by raining balls of ice. Beware of these conditions and try to avoid traveling when hailstorms occur.

Other driving tips

Other spring driving tips which can increase your safe travel are checking of all your vehicle lights to ensure good driving visibility as well as replacement of worn out wiper blades to always ensure visibility from your windshield.

Make sure to also regularly check your tires especially tire pressure even during the time of travel since road conditions during harsh weather can deflate your tires.

Watch out for crossing animals during the early morning and evening when animals are most active.

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