Car Safety Devices

Car safety devices are very important in reducing the possibility of injuries and deaths during a car crash or a car accident. In fact, it is the basis for all car safety ratings that guide car buyers in selecting a safe car. The reliability of the car when it comes to safety is one that includes quality car safety devices.


One of the many car safety devices incorporated in vehicles is the airbag. Through the years, vehicle makers have made tremendous leaps and bounds in the development of a better and more reliable airbag not only to protect the driver and his torso but most of all the passengers and their entire bodies.

The deployment time of airbags has also been improved. Various car maker developed airbags that can inflate at about one twenty-fifth of a seconds right after the collision sensors detect an impact, eventually reducing the risk of death during direct frontal crashes at a high percentage.

Door mounted airbags have been incorporated to deploy faster than head airbags so as to be more effective.

Seat belts

Seat belts have given a lot of protection to drivers and passengers of a vehicle especially during a major car collision. Seat belts prevent the car occupants from moving forward against the windshield or hitting the dashboard during a collision since seat belts secure them reliably against their seats. In the US alone, seat belt laws saved thousands of lives. This is why you should remember always to buckle up in every car trip regardless of where you are going.

Seat belts save lives
Seat belts save lives

Child restraint seats

Child restraint seats that are secured in the vehicle are good replacements for seat belts since seat belts are large enough for a child or an infant. Child restraint seats provide similar effective protection for children just like what seat belts do for adults. Holding your child during car crash or an impact gives you a high possibility of dislodging the child from your hold. This is why restraint seat is more secure than your loving arms.

A child is protected from crash injury with a restraint seat
A child is protected from crash injury with a restraint seat

The center rear seat of the vehicle is the safest place for the child restraint seat.

Precollision system

Another notable car safety device is a pre-crash or collision system which compresses the brakes when it seems that the car is about to collide with another or when approaching an obstacle in the street. The system includes rear view cameras which provide the driver with a better view of what is behind him on the road.

Emergency response system

An emergency response system was developed to connect drivers directly with an emergency personnel or operators to communicate with and request assistance after a car crash.

Safety glass

safety glass is a kind of glass designed to prevent from shattering into pointed shards after a car crash. The safety glass is incorporated in the windshields.

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