Teenage Driving Safety

Teenage driving safety is usually the concern of the parents but it’s not all the time that parents can be a reliable guide on car safety to their children. Parents have to either go to work, attend to a business, meet someone or perform many other chores and cannot be there 24/7 to remind their children when their children decide to use a vehicle or car.

What is GDL?

One good and enlightening fact for parents which would definitely lessen their worries with regards to teenage driving safety is the existence of a graduated driver licensing or GDL which has been developed to promote safe vehicle driving based on long term careful research. The GDL establishes the best practices for training a novice driver particularly teenager drivers. These practices which form part of the GDL have been proven to save a lot of lives particularly teenager lives. Traffic crashes, according to records, have been the leading cause of death among teenagers in America. Teenagers have been involved in three times more than a lot of fatal crashes involving all other drivers at different age brackets.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has also developed multi-tiered guidelines for teenage driving safety to prevent motor vehicle deaths and injuries with respect to teenage drivers. Some of the guidelines established by NHSTA to protect teenage drivers is greater awareness in seat belt use, implementation of graduated driver licensing, minimizing access of teens to alcohol and encouraging parental responsibility.

The inexperienced, stubborn attitude and immaturity of the youth combined with the craving for speed, enjoying drinking while driving, the non-wearing of seat belts, distracted driving such as use of cell phones, drowsy driving, driving late at night as well as driving while high on drugs contribute to a number of teen-related vehicle accidents. All of these behaviors must be addressed and must be corrected to prevent young drivers ages 15 to 20 from being vulnerable to death and injury in the roadways.

GDL might not be recognized in some other states of the U.S. but the provisions stated in these practices should be observed by the parents to be certain that your children or offspring drive his or her vehicle with utmost responsibility and good frame of mind. The chances of your teenager from being part of a motor vehicle crash is significantly reduced by gradually  introducing into your teenage driver the hazards and risks they may be facing when sitting in front of vehicle steering wheel.

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