Car Safety Checklist

Before driving, go through the vehicle safety checklist
Before driving, go through the vehicle safety checklist

A driver who is about to use his or her car must always go through a car safety checklist to make sure that everything is operating correctly and to ensure a safe journey for all passengers. Before going the road it is very important to see if there are any leaks under the car. If any kind of leak occurs then you should cancel your travel plans or use another car, if any. Safety first is always the concern of a good driver.

Signals and lights

Checking your car’s directional signals, brake, head, tail lights and mirrors must also be part of your car safety checklist. The car’s directional signals and lights must be functioning efficiently to keep you out from driving danger. You must also make sure that your car lights are covered when driving through bad weather.


One of the most important things to check among your car safety checklist are the tires. Verify whether your tires are low or even flat. You must check also if the treads of your tires are worn out. Worn out treads are a clear indication that it’s time to replace your tire. Do not use the vehicle without replacing the tire since a good connection of the tire with the road surface will always keep you out of trouble. A bad connection between tire and road surface can result in deadly accidents.


Your wipers should definitely be in your car safety checklist. It is essential that you see well ahead to avoid car crashes and car collisions. Make sure that there is enough window cleaning fluid in the tank. Always check your car mirrors, vents and windows if you can see out from your rear window. See to it that your back windows are not full of snow and the front windows cleared or cleaned entirely. Your windows should not fog up when you are driving.


Check the backseat before getting into your car and avoid being carjacked since carjackers usually hide in the backseat. This may not be an accident preventing action but it can save your life as well as your car. You must also make sure that you are mentally and physically ready to drive the car especially when going through long journeys.

Seat belts

Driver and passenger restraints or seat belts must also be checked and after buckling down since being buckled correctly is very important and may be a life-saving condition. You must also check if the head and seat restraints are comfortably adjusted. Head restraint adjustments must always be done before driving away.

Car doors

All car doors must be closed solidly and locked as well before traveling. An accidentally opened car door on the road can lead to a fatal accident.

No cellphone while driving

Turn off your cell phones while driving so as not have the urge to answer a ringing cell phone or a text message while driving.

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