Top 10 Safest Cars

The top 10 safest cars for 2012 has been identified by Jim Gorzelany and the following list was given. The number 1 safest car is Audi A6 which is a full size luxury sedan. Second is the Audi Q5 which is a midsize German all wheel drive. Third in terms of car safety is BMW 5 series which is a midsize luxury sedan, followed by Infiniti EX 35 which is a Japanese crossover SUV, and Infiniti M37/M56 which is a flagship sedan in the 5th place.

The other top 10 safest cars for 2012 rated at numbers 6 to 10 are the Mercedes Benz E-Class which is a German luxury sedan, Mercedes Benz M-Class which is a luxury midsize SUV, the Volvo S60, Volvo S80 and the Volvo XC60 which is a midsize crossover SUV. The top 10 safest small cars include the Audi A3, Buick Verano, Chevrolet Cruze, Chevrolet Sonic, Chevrolet Volt,Lexus CT200h, Mazda 3, Scion tC, Subaro Impreza, and Toyota Prius.

The selection and rating for the top 10 safest cars are based on frontal crash tests performed at 40 miles per hour using dummies connected with instruments and wearing safety belts by which it can measure crash forces to the head, chest and legs. Only a section of the front of the vehicle is made to hit a flexible barrier used to mimic the front of another car or truck.

Another technique used in rating safety of the cars is a side impact test which uses a moving deformable barrier that surpasses the front end of the pickup truck or a huge SUV which hits the vehicle after travelling at a speed of 31 miles per hour. Dummies with instruments are also positioned in the seat of the driver and the rear seat area behind the driver. The results of the side impact test can be evaluated and compared across all vehicle weight classes and weight classes which are unlikely of the frontal impact tests.

Other basis for the granting of cars with a high safety rating is if the vehicle has active safety features which reliably help motorists avoid a collision or an accident. The safety features that the rating team are looking at are the inclusion of an electronic stability control, that makes throttle and brake adjustments to prevent slipping of wheel and loss of steering control, a lane deviation prevention technology, and a blind spot alerting feature using camera and sensors to warn of unseen pedestrians and vehicles as well.

Other basis for selection to the elite class of safe cars is an autonomous emergency braking system and collision avoidance sensors. The sensors provide an alarm for risky situations and can even intervene in braking action, steering and throttle actions to reduce damage to vehicle and injury to passengers and pedestrians as well.

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