New Car Safety Ratings

There are things you need to consider first before buying a car and one of them is the new car safety ratings.

One of the new car safety ratings provides is the crash test dummies. This test indicates how safe your car is when accident happens. It also indicates the effect of the impact between the car and the persons inside it. It records the amount of damage it will cause from the accident by using dummies acting as a driver and a passenger. Dummies are used to represents the person inside the car to measure the forces of the impact. The data is gathered and evaluated using internationally recognized protocol. Scores are determined by various parts in the crash test then scores are awarded.

This program of assessment is done by several tests such as pedestrian test, pole test, frontal offset test, and side impact test to show how safe is your car in the event of serious crash. The award in overall safety ratings are based on what will happen to the pedestrians and passengers involved in serious side or front impact. The entire test is done by the experts and independent specialist laboratories. The independent specialist and individual experts will also award bonus scores for other safety features such as seat belt reminders.

Overall scores is translated into a star rating, from 1 to 5 with higher scores awarded more stars.

Some of the safety features are the following:

  • Structural Integrity refers to the structure of the vehicle to absorb the force of impact
  • Electronic Stability Control helps the driver to control the vehicle in the event of swerving to avoid collisions
  • Anti-lock Braking Systems helps the driver control and prevents skidding and loss of traction
  • Airbags deploy on the event of crash and reduce significantly the forces of impact
  • Seat belts This helps deal with the force of impact during crash.

By the way, the ratings are not about the risk of being involved in the crash. It is generally identify by a range of factors involved during the accident such as driver’s behavior, vehicle condition and road environment.

New car safety ratings are released quarterly. Be aware that the more stars the rating has, the better the car is. It means that, the cars that got more stars have a big chance of survival compared to the cars that have received a 1-star rating. Remember, more stars are safer and more chance of survival for the occupants.

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