How to Claim for Collision Accident Insurance

Collision accident insurance or collision coverage is the money you can claim from your insurance policy provider. This money you can also use to repair damages to your vehicle after a collision with an object or a car crash. A simple contact with another vehicle, a tree, a guard rail, a stop sign, a house or a simple damage to your vehicle makes you liable to claim money based on the terms of your collision coverage. Your vehicle will either be subjected to repair and repair expenses will be billed to the insurance provider. On some instances, an equivalent cash value would be given to the damaged car owner in case of a total loss of the vehicle.

How do you claim for collision accident insurance? Most accident insurance policy providers have a round-the-clock claims service center but it is still important to contact your insurance agent just in case you need to file a claim from your auto insurance policy.

Claim filing can be an intimidating and time consuming task especially if it is your first time to file.

The numbers of the company service center and your agent’s  must appear in the insurance policy. It is more appropriate to file a claim with your agent in normal business hours so as to get the best service from the policy provider.

Relevant information needed in filing a claim will make the process smooth and less complicated.Have these information on hand when calling claims service center.

When filing an accident insurance claim, provide the date and time of the accident, location of the accident, all information about the other vehicle/s most especially model, year and maker, name of the drivers and passengers including their contact info and that of witnesses, description of accident and vehicle damage, injuries if any, police report number, current location of your vehicle and your desired vehicle repair shop.

Your insurance agent is the most reliable person to ask when determining if your accident claim is covered by your policy. He or she can also give you other information about your claim without directly contacting the insurance company. Those information from your agent are important before talking to a claim representative so that there would be no negative effects on your claim rates or decrease in premiums.

Most insurance companies do not provide increase in premiums when they have established that you are not at fault or when you do not have the applicable coverage. Keep in mind to keep the conversation with the claims representative simple especially if it is your first time to file a claim. Always have the pertinent information in your reach and also find out first if your policy covers the accident loss.

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